Dhamika has been gaining more and more popularity in the last years for his soothing Ambient and Chill Out productions incorporating influences from world music. With two albums and a couple of EP:s and contributions to compilations behind him I got to ask him some questions. I also consider Dhamika a great friend and have seen him grow into his style over the years.

Tell us about your background with music production and how your found your style.

I am not a schooled musician at all and I have not taken any musical classes or something like that. I am self taught on everything, i learned to play drums when I was around 12 years old and played them in my teenage years. My older brother are very musically gifted and can pick up and play almost every instrument, like bass, guitar, drums, keys etc. He started as a DJ later on and began to collect a lot of records of different kinds and thanks to to that I got to know about electronic music.

Some years later a friend of mine introduced me to the music software Rebirth and I started to make my own music with it.

Dhamika started as a  Trance project focusing on Goa/Full on Psychedelic Trance. That´s the genre I listened to a lot for many years and still do occasionally but do not produce it anymore. Around 2006 I got more and more into Ambient and Chillout music, that genre spoke to me in another way that just felt right! I found it more interesting and appealing  than Trance music, the musical frames where much wider and I as an artist and musician got a broader reach to express myself. 

How does a production by Dhamika take form?

A song usually starts with a melody and the basic theme, then I try around with different rythm elements and add drums, bassline and so on. My strong sides are the melodies and harmonies.

What music do you listen to?

Everything that touches me in any way. Variation is important to me therefore I do listen tomany different genresI like very aggressive music  such as Machine Head, Pantera, Dimmu Borgir and Metallica that makes a good complenement to my music. Also more commercial music, some singer songrwriter and hiphop. I like musicians that are burning for what they do, thats when it gets to me! The group Enigma has been a main inspiration to my music.

In 2009 you sold your gear and left Sweden for India, can you tell us about your visit there! 

Yes, in 2009 I decided to leave Sweden for some couple of months and travel to Goa in India. Before that my computer crashed as well so I decided to sell of all my studio equipment and save the money for my journey. When I got back to Sweden in February 2010 I had gained some new thoughts about my music and how I wanted it to sound. For example I wanted to include more tablas in my production after watching a man on a concert playing them, you need a great amount of skills to master them. Also all the different meatings with the people I came across made some impact on me. My visit in India made impressions that influenced my music a lot.

Plans for the future?

I think the future looks good, I have a whole lot going on, a new EP that´s out now called Floating EP. 

I am working on my third album for the moment. The new album will be really great with a mix from really calm Ambient to what we call Psybient thats more trance influenced with heavier beats. There will be somethig for everybody. I got a very good feeling for this album.